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A Network of Creators

Looking to start a project and someone to start it with? Our app is specifically designed to foster innovation in any city.

Connecting problem solvers

The digital age offers us problems, not solutions. We are
closing the gap by fostering in-person connections to ignite our dreams and innovations for a better future.

For your city; for the world

Only by building with our neighbor can we build for the world; one city at a time.


Find local experts in your city to gain new skills for your project and your life


Offer your unique value, skills, and perspective directly to those seeking mentorship


Our projects feature allows people to post their projects for others to join

Create the world you want to live in

and make like-minded friends doing it.

Open to All

Build is open to all skillsets and levels, ideas, and perspectives that fit your journey.

Local Talent

Everything in the app is designed to foster in-person connections with talent near you, with a parallel ability to connect globally.


Access a curated directory of events dedicated to innovation, curiosity, and bringing ideas to life.

Human Flourishing

We fundamentally believe everyone has a dream or an idea that they just need the environment to make it happen.

Future at Your Fingertips

Experience the only app specifically created to foster innovation, constructive relationships, and human progress in one interface.

Join events

Easily integrate with all your favorite tools through and APIs including automatic integrations.

Connect on Skills

Find others in your city based on what skills you have to teach and what skills you would like to learn. Gain reputation for your unique skillsets.

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